Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mazda Taiki

Mazda Taiki reflects one possible direction for a future generation of Mazda sports cars aimed at helping create a sustainable society. The fourth concept car in the Nagare design series, Mazda Taiki further evolves the “flow” theme to establish a breathtaking presence that clearly distinguishes it as the next in the series, and which visually expresses the atmosphere – called taiki in Japanese – that wraps the Earth in its protective mantle.

Mazda Taiki photos

Mazda Taiki photo

The basic proportions begin with the stretched coupe form of a front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout, the short overhangs, and the liberating feel of an all-glass canopy. The challenge to create “a design that visually expresses the flow of air” was inspired by the image of a pair of Hagoromo – the flowing robes that enable a celestial maiden to fly in Japanese legend – floating down from the sky.

Nissan Pivo 2 Video

Nissan will present an interesting concept at this year's Tokyo Motor Show - the Nissan Pivo 2.

Nissan Pivo 2 photos

Nissan Pivo 2 photo

Of course the Nissan Pivo 2 comes after the Nissan Pivo concept presented at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. The most important features of the Nissan Pivo 2 concept car are: a robotic agent to share every trip (does anyone remember R2-D2?), a 360 degree turning cabin and 90 degrees turning wheels.

Honda PUYO

‘PUYO’ is a Japanese onomatopoeia that expresses the sensation of touching the vehicle’s soft body. It is meant to convey a warm, friendly impression.

Honda PUYO photos

Honda PUYO images

The Honda PUYO represents a new idea in mobility that brings together ‘clean’, ‘safe’ and ‘fun’ functionality in an environmentally responsible, people-friendly minimalist design featuring an ultra-high efficiency, small frame and fuel cell technology to please both users and onlookers alike.