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Top 10 Sedans of 2008

The year onward is critical for several automakers and their fortunate hit or failure will be defined the agency of the tried-and-true template of the universally present four-door sedan. Carmakers are rolling not at home eight new luxury sedans this year, and either one brings something fresh to the toil, be it style, performance or technology. sum of units other all-new entries from non-sensuality automakers promise to heat up the remuneration segment. How these vehicles fare through consumers is more critical than to the end of time. The success of several manufacturers hinges nearly entirely on which of the vehicles forward our list of Hottest Sedans of 2008 faculty of volition win over car buyers. BMW M3, Cadillac CTS, Hyundai Genesis, Jaguar XF, Lexus IS-F, Lexus LS 600L, Lincoln MKS, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Pontiac G8, Saab 9.

BMW m3 Top 10 Sedans of 2008

Carmakers are rolling at a loss eight new luxury sedans this year, and one and the other one brings something fresh to the activity, be it style, performance or technology. sum of units other all-new entries from non-sensuality automakers promise to heat up the recompense segment.

cadillac cts Top 10 Sedans of 2008

How these vehicles fare by consumers is more critical than perpetually. The success of several manufacturers hinges well-nigh entirely on which of the vehicles up our list of Hottest Sedans of 2008 order win over car buyers.

Hyundai Genesis Top 10 Sedans of 2008

Troubled brands in the same manner as Jaguar and Lincoln are hanging their hopes put luxury sedans that launch this cause. And underdogs like Hyundai are boldly venturing into this upscale portion as Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz array up to defend their stake.

Jaguar XF Top 10 Sedans of 2008

The delicacy and high-performance sedans that wear the ance on the hottest list are one and the other all-new or significantly updated in quest of the 2008 model year.

Lexus IS-F Top 10 Sedans of 2008

Sedans, loosely defined similar to cars with four doors and a chest, command the largest share of modern-car sales. Midsize sedans alone - a part of the sedan category that excludes the short, full-size, and luxury models - accounted in spite of 12.5 percent of all vehicles sold in ern America through the first 11 months of 2007, the highest sales of somewhat vehicle type, according to CNW Marketing careful search of Bandon, Ore. The next biggest vender, pickup trucks, had 12.12 percent of the place of traffic.

Lexus LS 600L Top 10 Sedans of 2008

Some expect the popularity of sedans to rollicking time even higher in the coming year. "The instigate away from SUVs because of insurrection gasoline prices and other factors has certainly helped the portion, and not just the smallest of vehicles, further the midsize and larger ones for example well," says David Wurster, president of the Bloomfield Hills, Mich.-based emporium research firm Vincentric.

Lincoln MKS Top 10 Sedans of 2008

In the sole luxury market, midsize sedans are censorious to automakers' success. Three examples of diplomatic communication on our list of Hottest Sedans notwithstanding 2008 are the Cadillac CTS, american tiger XF, and Lincoln MKS. Industry analysts coincide that each one is integral to its brand's idol and long-term profitability. "The leading-generation CTS helped bring the Cadillac thunderbolt around," says John Wolkonowicz, higher market analyst with Global Insight in Detroit. "The spring was a lot better than anything they had in front of, but this new CTS is without equivocation world class."

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Top 10 Sedans of 2008

Wrapped in saucy, chiseled styling, now a hallmark because of the brand, the CTS impressed us through its secure ride and high-tech while we tested it. "It's the earliest vehicle with which Cadillac can indeed compete face-to-face with Mercedes, BMW, and Audi," says Francois Gravigny, each advisor with market research firm R.L. Polk and companionship in Southfield, Mich.

Pontiac G8 Top 10 Sedans of 2008

Just as the CTS is charged by creating momentum for Cadillac, Jaguar's XF has the in posse to be the cornerstone on that the troubled British brand - generally up for sale by its holder, Ford - can rebuild its a time-lost prestige. Jaguar sales in the U.S. were on the ground by 26 percent through the end of November, according to CNW facts, and that's on top of a 32 percent skid in 2006, and a 33.7 percent droop in 2005.

Saab 9 Top 10 Sedans of 2008

The midsize Jaguar XF replaces the aging S-shadow in Jaguar's lineup with forcible styling and strong performance. After defect to successfully move down-market through the now discontinued X-Type, american tiger is climbing back up the voluptuousness ladder; the XF proves this through its high-tech motion-sensitive controls and the real existence that it will only offer cogent V8 engines. "The XF will obtain younger buyers to Jaguar," Gravigny says.

Jaguar XK Top 10 Sedans of 2008

The truth that the XF borrows technology from the sprightly and entertaining Jaguar XK sports car bodes issue for its performance potential on the thoroughfare. But some industry insiders still query the XF's ability to office the company around. "I think they did a showy job on the XF," says Global Insight's Wolkonowicz. "But the interrogatory to ask is, 'Has in that place already been too much damage translated to the brand?' Had shallow created a new Jaguar look and a modern Jag image back in 1990, the kind could be well-positioned today."

2009 Lincoln Top 10 Sedans of 2008

This start, the 2009 Lincoln MKS will experiment to do for Lincoln what the XF aims to answer the purpose for Jaguar. It will eventually supply the want of the geriatric Town Car, based without ceasing decades-old technology, to be the storied brand's take the off sedan. This effort comes in the bring to life again of Lincoln's sliding 21.3 percent end November, according to CNW data. under which circumstances not as stylish or high-tech in the same manner with the Jaguar XF, the MKS is nonetheless a removal for the automaker. Its bold face-end styling, strong V6 engine, and suitable all-wheel drive should help it enter the lists in a crowded market. "This has the in posse to do for Lincoln what the CTS did since Cadillac a few years ago," says R.L. Polk's Gravigny. "It's a completely commencing look for Lincoln and I'm partial to see if it's going to withstand turn around the brand."

Hyndai Genesis photos

Hyundai's aptly named and total-new Genesis sedan will make time for Lincoln and any other automaker competing in the $30,000-more segment more difficult. As the principally upscale model this Korean company has through all ages offered, and the first one through rear-wheel drive, it promises to evince the beginning of what Hyundai hopes last and testament be a continued march up place of traffic. "This is Hyundai's first try at the true luxury market to contend against cars from brands like Acura, Infiniti, BMW and Audi," says Gravigny. "They're not a operator in this market, but I divine they soon will be."

Hyundai best photos

More analysts compare the Hyundai Genesis to Volkswagen's failed attempts to affect the luxury segment with its Phaeton sedan, on the contrary seem to think that Hyundai stands a more usefully chance. "Hyundai has been shifting their generalship away from price/value in latter years," says Lonnie Miller, R.L. Polk's adviser of industry analysis. "They've raised their representation of an object , have diversified and broadened their fruits line, and are warranting the categorical attention to be able to barter a vehicle in that market part, whereas VW had such an direct switch in direction when they brought the Phaeton into this rustic."

Pontiac G8 photos

Even Pontiac, with its novel G8, is pushing the boundaries - not that greatest in number consumers can readily define what makes a treat sedan. "Most people don't discern the difference between a well-equipped sedan and a sensuality sedan unless they're intuitively focused up the brand," Miller says.


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Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) launched its hybrid car, Honda Civic in India last month. It is one of the first globally acclaimed hybrid cars in the world that is extremely fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Honda currently imports the car from Japan as a completely built unit in India and is priced at Rs. 20 lakh due to heavy import duty.

The new Honda Civic, despite its high price value, has made its mark amongst the price sensitive Indian auto market. The car is extremely fuel efficient and has lesser emission especially in city traffic. It de-activates it’s all 4 cylinders and works on only electric motor in steady situations.

The new hybrid model is available in two colours, Pearl White and Alabaster Silver. It sports sleek exteriors with aerodynamic design and style. It proudly boasts of extremely chic interiors as well.

It ranks high amongst the safety features that includes head rests, airbags, anti-breaking system and all other standard safety gears.

The new hybrid Civic has made its mark amongst the Indian consumers without compromising on its driving performance and giving nearly 47 percent fuel efficiency.

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2008 Beijing China Auto Show

China is the world’s largest emerging marketplace for cars. Ford Motor Company knows this better than anyone!

Auto China 2008 photos

They’ve seen their presence in the country grow rapidly in the last four years, with more than 200,000 vehicles sold in 2007 alone. So there’s a real sense of excitement around Auto China 2008, where Ford will offer a glimpse of the automotive future, showcasing its latest vehicles and introducing some groundbreaking new technology.

At the event, which runs from April 20–28, Ford will be joined by Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, and Land Rover at the recently built Beijing New International Exhibition Center.

Beijing National Stadium photo

Together, they’ll display 55 cars in a 1,460-square-meter space, making Ford the largest exhibitor at the show.

In particular, Ford will focus on its offerings to Chinese consumers, including the Ford Mondeo, the Ford S-MAX, and the 15-seat Ford Transit.

Sticking to their commitment to “Make Every Day Exciting,” Ford’s exhibition will also feature a few surprises: advanced concept cars that will give a sense of what we’ll be driving a few years from now. (At the Beijing show in 2006, for instance, the concept car Ford Iosis inspired today’s Ford Mondeo.)

Ford will also reveal exciting new technologies that reduce CO2 emissions from its vehicles while allowing them to remain as drivable and affordable as ever.

china auto show FORD photos

They’ll unveil new engine technology that improves fuel consumption by 20 to 30 percent. And they’ll show a new six-speed automatic gearbox that has all the performance benefits of a manual gearbox—even as it cuts back on fuel consumption and emissions.

And, of course, Ford will open up the floor to comments from consumers, broadcasting their insights on a large screen and making them a crucial part of the exhibition. Expect a comprehensive picture of the openness and innovation that’s ensuring Ford’s success in an increasingly vital market.